David Ralph

David Ralph

Student & Full Stack Developer


Hi!👋 I'm a student and web developer from the United Kingdom. My interests include: programming, gaming, music, photography, watching anime and reading! I originally started programming in 2015, and since then I have been learning and working on various open-source projects. Currently, I am focusing on my education but I am open to part-time remote work and freelance commissions.


Programming Languages
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  • Projects

    Mue Tab

    Lead DeveloperApril 2018 - present

    Leading the development on an open-source browser extension that is currently used by over three thousand people around the world.

    As a member of the core maintainer team I was responsible for designing the codebase and building numerous features to assist people in their day-to-day productivity. I also worked closely with the other core maintainer (Lead Web Designer), in order to implement his designs and frontend into the React code, in a clean and focused manner. As the project grew, we began adding user requested ideas, and triaging issues reported to us on GitHub.

    I also developed the photo/quote API and the marketplace system, which allows users to personalise their new tab with custom image packs and more, as well as being able to submit them. I contributed to the promotional website development with backend code, and a contact form submission system using serverless technology.

    Skills: HTML5 · SASS · JavaScript · Node.js · React.js · SQL · Project Management


    Creator, planning, render production, camera animation, video editingNovember 2021 - present

    Outside of my programming work I am active in organising non-commercial fan live events featuring VOCALOID characters. My team and I have produced both an online and in-person event at a convention. I am responsible for the render production and video/image editing, as well as technical setup and development of dedicated utilities.

    Skills: HTML5 · SASS · JavaScript · Node.js · React.js · SQL

    Vintage Kakudori Website

    Designer, developerAugust 2021 - present

    I contacted the Japanese VOCALOID producer group Vintage (Kakudori) with a design I created as a practice of Figma. After they approved it, I worked with them to implement the requested changes and features.

    Skills: HTML5 · SASS · JavaScript · Node.js · React.js · SQL

    Manga Pages

    Creator, developerAugust 2021 - present

    I built a search engine to find out which sites had legal availability of manga, manhua, and manhwa. This involved developing a user interface in React from scratch, web crawling systems with Node.js and Puppeteer, and a Vercel-based backend.

    Skills: HTML5 · SASS · JavaScript · Node.js · React.js · SQL


    Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below.